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The Innovation Centre is an expanding body of reports and demos from CTC. Access to the Innovation Centre is restricted to registered individuals.
    • Customer Profiling
    • Dynamic assessment of customer needs, attitudes and circumstances generating relevant information for customers in retirement planning
    • Retirement Wake-up
    • A re-engineered approach bringing an end to the age of Kitty Packs
    • Corporate Retirement Hub
    • Fully informing members of their retirement income options in an engaging way
    • CTC Company Overview
    • Delivering web based software solutions for the pensions, savings, investments and insurance markets for the last twenty years
    • Cutting costs for SIPP Providers
    • Developing a business case for using Elements for Administration
    • Illustrations - Protection
    • The most advanced quotes engine in the market for all forms of protection business
    • Illustrations Overview
    • The most advanced Illustrations engine in the market for all forms of savings and investments
    • Retirement Hub
    • Interactive financial modelling suite for the pre- at- and post- retirement market
    • Administration Overview
    • For all forms of financial savings and risk products offering extensive functionality for improved service alongside increasing efficiency and control
    • Risk Warnings module
    • Ensuring consistent application of the regulations supporting positive customer engagement and operational efficiency
    • TCF engine 2016
    • Reducing costs and maximising the embedded value of heritage business
    • TVAS
    • Meeting regulatory standards and beyond
    • Master Trusts for AE
    • Entering the market to capture the AE opportunity
    • Auto Enrolment Compliance
    • Streamlining the process (for Payroll and Pension providers)
    • Auto Enrolment Opportunities
    • How advisers can increase business from AE
    • Retirement Hub (Adviser)
    • Bridging the gap between retirement savings and income
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